Columbus Ohio Surprise Proposal at Scioto Mile: Albany + Frank

A lot of planning went into this surprise proposal at Scioto Mile! Frank enlisted the help of myself, local florist Botanica, and videographer Kodjo Arts to make this dream holiday proposal to Albany a reality.

It was a Friday afternoon in mid-December, and the holiday season was in full swing in downtown Columbus. On the Bicentennial Park stage, Botanica set up a beautiful holiday-inspired scene with flower arrangements, flower petals, candles and letter blocks that spelled “Marry Me”.

Frank told Albany to get ready for a fancy date night, which he had taken her on many times before, so she didn’t think anything of it. He led her to the spot with her eyes closed, and when she opened them she was SHOCKED! Her reaction and expressions were priceless! And I’m so glad they had video on hand to document, because that reaction needed to be filmed too! Of course, he got down on knee inside a heart of flower pedals, presented a ring, popped the question, and she said YES!

The owner of Milestone 229 came out with some glasses of champagne (a total surprise, and perfect!) and we celebrated with a walk around the Scioto Mile for portraits agant the skyline and in the holiday lights. We ended with celebratory drinks back at Milestone 229, where Frank had a reservation. The smiles, laughs and tears throughout were a testament to their excitement and happiness. Congratulations to the newly engaged, Albany and Frank!


Amy Ann Photography

I aim to capture moments and expressions that tell the story of a day, and are authentic to the people involved. If you can look at a collection of images I’ve taken of a total stranger and get a feeling for who they are and what they felt, then I’ve done my job!   

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