Columbus LGBTQ At-Home Engagement: Meghan + Nana

When it came time to discuss the location for Meghan + Nana’s late spring engagement session, we looked none other than their own home and neighborhood! They own a home in the Ganthers Place neighborhood just south of downtown Columbus, so that’s exactly where we started. It was the first day of June, the perfect way to kick off Pride Month! We shot in their backyard, on their deck, and also indoors in their living room and other random places. Their home and outdoor spaces are so cute! From there, we took a walk around the neighborhood, exploring random alleys, small neighborhood parks, colorful murals, and they showed me an epic ivy wall! I loved that the couple chose their backdrop with meaning to them, and I loved shooting in a new location. Can’t wait for their Strongwater wedding next fall!

Amy Ann Photography

I aim to capture moments and expressions that tell the story of a day, and are authentic to the people involved. If you can look at a collection of images I’ve taken of a total stranger and get a feeling for who they are and what they felt, then I’ve done my job!   

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