Columbus Ohio Queer Wedding: Emily + Briden

On a sunny Saturday evening in mid-September, Emily and Briden had a small wedding ceremony in the backyard of a Victorian Village home, followed by a celebration with family, friends, and a few folks in drag! I was only there for about an hour and a half, but we sure accomplished a lot in that time. Just before the ceremony, they help each other get dressed in a room upstairs overlooking the ceremony site. After the ceremony, we walked around the block for portraits, finding cute little spots – walls, hanging leaves, golden hour light – along the way. Briden is an artist and activist I’ve long admired, so it was such an honor for me to capture his marriage to Emily. Check out some of my favorites!

Amy Ann Photography

I aim to capture moments and expressions that tell the story of a day, and are authentic to the people involved. If you can look at a collection of images I’ve taken of a total stranger and get a feeling for who they are and what they felt, then I’ve done my job!   

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