Christina + Chris: Columbus Ohio Proposal Photography

I was SO psyched when the opportunity came my way to photograph a proposal! Proposals are one of the most exhilarating events you could hope to witness… and photograph! They’re fast-paced and secretive… and incredibly beautiful! Christina’s proposal to her girlfriend Chris was a long time coming. They spent several years living in North Carolina, before moving back to Ohio just one week before the proposal! During the move, Christina had to hide the ring from Chris, which proved to be quite a challenge! After that, there was a lot of planning involved to execute her plan. And when the day came, Chris didn’t have a clue!

Christina’s proposal plan was this: now that the two of them were back in Columbus, she wanted spend the morning with Chris taking her to some of their favorite places. They started at Northstar for breakfast (I captured a few shots of them from across the restaurant), and then walked down High Street to Goodale Park, where I was waiting for them. It was a REALLY cold day, one of the first truly wintery days in Columbus this season, and it was snowing! So I’m pretty sure Chris was confused about why they were spending so much time outside. Christina then surprised her with tickets to the Ohio State vs. Michigan football game for that day, and a sweater to wear to the game… and if Chris wasn’t shocked enough…. THEN came the ring!!

It was so incredibly sweet, but my words can’t do the pictures justice. Take a look!

Congratulations to Christina and Chris!















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