Allison + Jonathan – Ohio State & German Village Engagement Session

I was introduced to Allison and Jonathan through my good friend, rabbi/mommy/photographer, Leigh Ann, whose adorable family I photographed earlier this summer. Allison and Jonathan traveled across the country to meet for their engagement session a few weeks ago; Jonathan came in from Washington DC, and Allison from Columbia, Missouri. Recent graduates of The Ohio State University, they may have left Columbus for a career or graduate school, but their hearts remain here. As such, it was only fitting that Columbus be the setting for their engagement session (and their wedding next summer)! Our session turned out to be quite star-studded, as you’ll see. We started at – where else? – the Ohio State campus, and went straight over to the ‘Shoe. Jonathan, having played in the Ohio State Marching Band during undergrad, had the hookup to get inside Ohio Stadium and the field! We got some great shots in the stadium seats, but as soon as we got on the field, all bets were off, and Allison and Jonathan put their silly personalities on full display. We also happened to share the field with Craig Krenzel, who was there doing an interview, so we had to keep it relatively quiet, but it was hard! How often do you get to walk around on the Ohio Stadium field with your (long distance) fiance and a photographer? After taking tons of shots in the stadium, Allison and Jonathan changed out of their Buckeye attire and we wandered the Ohio State campus, visiting Mirror Lake, the Oval, and the Whispering Steps. And then, as we were heading back to the car to leave campus, who did we run into, but OSU President Gordon Gee! (I swear, I run into this guy a lot!) He was such a delight and was excited to smile for a picture with Allison and Jonathan! We then headed to German Village for some more beautiful shots on the brick streets. Allison and Jonathan had no problem being lovey-dovey one minute, but being spontaneously silly the next, which made for some really fun images!

If only you could see the montage of images that followed the previous one… as Allison proceeded to tackle Jonathan! But he was quick to forgive her for a kiss:

But, then she tackled him again.

By the way, for anyone knows me personally, yes, this is the same shot (on the left) that my husband and I did for our Save the Dates. Apparently, no idea is original because Jonathan had the same idea!

Dear Gordon Gee, where can I obtain that amazing scarf?


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