Ohio State Fair | Columbus, OH

I like to consider myself a city girl, but I am also a Buckeye at heart. That’s why I love the Ohio State Fair – and this year, I found it to be a great excuse to play with my new camera. I just love exploring the fair, soaking in the country spirit, coming face to face with farm animals and zoo animals, eating a smoked turkey leg, bargaining with antiques vendors, riding the Sky Glider, and discovering the It Food of the summer to deep fry (this year, it was Buckeyes!). After spending a few hours experiencing it all, we jumped on the Sky Glider to head back to the other side of the park and leave … and got caught in a torrential downpour, helpless in the air! Luckily, I got some good shots from the air before it started, and my camera made its way safely into its protective case.

I just loved this helper dog:




Deep fried Buckeyes!

Just before the rain started:


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